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Welcome to the brand new Kelutral!

zola'u nìprrte' ne kelutral amip!

Welcome to, an all-inclusive place to learn the Na'vi Language and meet other fans of James Cameron's AVATAR, sunu ayoer fwa ngal tok fìtsenget, we are glad you are here! We recently had a facelift, so if you notice anything out of sorts, contact us.

Kelutral (ˈkɛl.ut.ɾal) means "Hometree" in Na'vi, and that's exactly what is: a living, growing home for the James Cameron's AVATAR community, where fans of all stripes can make lifelong friends!

The first question most fans ask us is "how to learn Na'vi", so we've put together this welcome guide on how to get started learning Na'vi.

Kelutral's logo, depicting an ikran from Avatar rising from a tree trunk, with its wings as the branches

What is the Na'vi Language?

peu lì'fya lena'vi lu?

The Na'vi language is spoken by the Na'vi people on the moon of Pandora in James Cameron's Avatar films. It is a constructed language, created specifically for use in the Avatar franchise. Since the film's release, the Na'vi language has been growing and expanding due to continuous work by eager fans and the language's creator, USC Professor Paul Frommer.

The Na'vi language is one of few organic constructed languages, with an active speaker base from around the world that continually influences and shapes the course of Na'vi's growth. If you want to be a part of this speaker-base, learn how to speak Na'vi with us on Discord!

People know how to speak Na'vi?

srake sute tsun pivlltxe nìna'vi?

Of course! For those invested in learning it, Na'vi is a fully-functional language with its own phonetics, grammar, and an ever-expanding lexicon. Na'vi can be learned like any other language, fictional or natural, and the community constantly produces new content and resources to aid in the learning process. Like learning any language, learning Na'vi is a process and can be accomplished with time, effort, and dedication.

How can I learn the Na'vi language?

Pefya tsun nivume oe?

There are several different avenues available to newcomers who want to learn Na'vi. is proud to present an exclusive collection of lessons called the Na'vi Survival Guide, a first-of-its-kind interactive Na'vi lesson series designed to provide evergreen lessons and practice to Na'vi language learners who don't have time for live lessons. If you already have experience with language learning and are looking for grammatical rules and references, visit our resources section. The Na'vi and Avatar language community also has a population of speakers who actively teach the language to interested individuals. The Kelutral Discord server is a hub for community projects and lessons that is easily accessible from a browser or free phone app.

Tell me more about the community!

olo'teri peng oeru nì'ul!

Active daily, the Kelutral community is the best place to stay on top of breaking news and speculation about the AVATAR sequels. Discuss topics like food, pets and art with like-minded individuals, find the latest gameplay tips for the AVATAR games, and join us for exclusive virtual gatherings like OmatiCon!

What if I don't want to learn Na'vi?

zene oe ftivia srak?

Our community was built by and is driven by both learners and non-learners. We welcome fans of all stripes and types, and the unique voices that they bring to our diverse and worldwide community. Whether it's breaking news or discussion about the latest AVATAR property, there is plenty to engage fans not interested in learning the Na'vi language. Visit us on Discord to join the conversation, or visit our Community page to learn more about the other types of AVATAR fan communities Kelutral has to offer! Whether it's Frontiers of Pandora, the Disney Park, or other AVATAR media, there's a place for you among Kelutral's branches.

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