Na'vi Survival Guide


Welcome to the Na'vi Survival Guide

fya'o a lì'fyari lena'vi emrey

The Na'vi Survival Guide is a free Na'vi language lesson series designed to provide evergreen, interactive Na'vi lessons to learners who are unable to attend virtual lessons for any reason.

To navigate the Survival Guide's interactive lesson format, click the navigation arrow on right of the screen. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between pages.

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You've taken your first step towards learning the Na'vi language.

Before we send you off to your first lesson, here are several key formats that you might encounter during the Na'vi Survival Guide lessons:

Terminology will be identified using this formatting.
Sentence components will be identified using different colors, like this or like this.
na'vi vocabulary marked with a dotted underline can be tapped or hovered to see a translation.

interactive content

You will encounter interactive review sessions at the end of each lesson. To review what you've learned, type the answer you think is correct into the provided field. After a moment, you will be notified if you input the correct answer! Try it below:




You've ready to start learning Na'vi. To get started, click the button below, and siva ko!

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