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Below is a routinely updated collection of Na'vi language resources, documents, dictionaries, companion guides and grammar references. You can click the tags below to filter the list by type of resource.


Na'vi Survival Guide
by's flagship, interactive Na'vi lesson series designed for learners who don't have time to commit to live classes. Currently in open beta, content and features subject to change.

by Wllìm

Fast, feature rich searchable online Na'vi dictionary available in several languages. Includes options for vocabulary study and memorization.

Na'vi Name Generator

The most accurate Na'vi name generator on the internet!'s Na'vi name generator produces valid Na'vi names for roleplay or fanfiction, unlike the others you will find out there that produce gibberish or phonetically incorrect names.


Na'vi 101
by Paul Frommer

A thorough but incomplete YouTube lesson series straight from Paul Frommer himself! These lessons range from 6 to 16 minutes and are great as a launchpoint for learning the Na'vi language.

Na'vi Lessons
by Plumps

An exquisitely produced YouTube lesson series from an expert speaker. These bite-sized lessons range from 4 to 12 minutes and can help you tackle a variety of topics.

Na'vi Livestream Lessons
by Mako

Archived YouTube videos of Na'vi language lessons livestreamed during the 2020 pandemic. These lessons range from 26 to 50 minutes and cover several basic grammar topics in an interactive format.

Learn the Na'vi Alphabet
by Pamìrìk

The best Na'vi alphabet lesson on the internet. This YouTube lesson is 20 minutes long and will teach you everything you need to know about Na'vi language pronunciation and the Na'vi alphabet.

Tips for Trilled R's
by Txawey

A self guided walkthrough on the pronunciation of the Na'vi Alphabet.

The Na'vi Workbook
by Neytiri

A Na’vi workbook that teaches grammar concepts and offers exercises to practice what you’ve learned.

Na'vi Sentence Building Adventures
by Tsyili

An excellent practice guide document for constructing Na'vi sentences.

Na'vi Language Phrasebook
by Vawmataw

A compilation of useful Na'vi phrases for beginners to help them quickly recognize and engage in basic Na'vi conversation.

A Na'vi Language Crash Course
by Mako

A no-frills overview of Na'vi language grammar, designed for learners familiar with grammatical concepts or who have learned another language.

A Lexicon of Na'vi Language
by Vawmataw

This document groups the synonyms and antonyms of the Na'vi language as well as other relationships between words, may it be semantic or phonetic.


Feature-rich, searchable online dictionary available in several languages, including audio pronunciation on all words.

Na'vi Etymology Dictionary
by Vawmataw

A comprehensive etymological dictionary.

The Annotated Dictionary
by Plumps

An incredibly detailed reference dictionary with examples of usage and specific rules for each word.

500 Most Common Na'vi Words Memrise
by Alyara Arati

After completing this course, you should be able to understand the words used in around 60-80% of common conversation.

All Na'vi Vocabulary Memrise
by Tirea Aean

This course goes in alphabetical order for the Na'vi words that existed when it was created, then as they were added. It is recommended to do this course AFTER completing the 500 Most Common Na'vi Words Memrise, which better equips the learner for conversation faster.

Horen Lì'fyayä leNa'vi
by wm.annis

The definitive rulebook to Na’vi grammar. Thick on linguistic/grammar terminology but very useful as a reference. Contains all the obscure wisdom.

A Guide to Conversational Na'vi
by Mako

An extensive guide to shorthand, idioms, and other idiosyncrasies of conversational Na'vi.

Na'vi and Adpositions
by Eana Unil

A deep look at how Na'vi adpositions work.

How to Form Ideas in Na'vi
by Mako

A short document that details the idea of circumlocution, or translating meaning and not words, which is a fundamental skill necessary to speak the Na'vi language.

The Na'vi
by Neytiri

An unofficial but comprehensive reference on Na'vi culture and customs.

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