Reference material to help learn Na'vi

Grammar References

The most important part of any language is its grammar, the collection of rules and systems that provide structure to the otherwise disconnected sounds that make up a language. Below, you will find helpful guides for various grammatical topics concerning the Na'vi language, listed in the order we recommend you review. These can be referenced while you learn Na'vi to help your learning journey, or simply as informational documents for linguists curious about the Na'vi language's composition.

Building a Word

The building blocks of any language are its letters, representing the sounds that make up a spoken language. The Na'vi language is no different. In the universe of "Avatar", the Na'vi language is an exclusively spoken, not written. Due to this, RDA anthropologists developed an alphabet to help human scientists within the Avatar Program learn the language in a familiar context.

  1. Alphabet
  2. Wordbuilding

Modifying Nouns

Nouns can be described or modified to add to their meaning. In the Na'vi language, this is accomplished through noun cases, affixes and adjectives. Affixes are either prefixed or suffixed to a word in order to change the meaning. There are both productive and non-productive affixes, ones that can be used actively to create new word forms, and ones that cannot without formal approval.

  1. Noun Cases
  2. Prefixes
  3. Suffixes
  4. Adpositions
  5. Adjectives

Modifying Verbs

In the Na'vi language, the fundamental way to modify verbs for tense or aspect is through infixes inserted into the verb. These infixes are divided into two categories by relevance to use.

  1. Core Infixes
  2. Auxiliary Infixes

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