How to connect with the James Cameron's AVATAR fanbase

Uniting the James Cameron's AVATAR Community

One Tree, Many Branches

Like the titular tree from the film, Kelutral is one AVATAR community that's made up of smaller, ecosystems of their own. As the AVATAR franchise continues to expand and explore new properties, so too will Kelutral adapt and grow to meet incoming fans. Whether you're reading the latest AVATAR comics, exploring the frontiers in Frontiers of Pandora, or to looking learn the Na'vi language, you're certain to find a space for you among Kelutral's branches. Learn more about each of our communal branches below.

Upcoming Events

Connect and Learn

Nothing to see here! Check back for more events.

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Virtual Communities

Discord and Beyond

Learn Na'vi with us

Our main Discord community is one of the largest AVATAR communities on the internet, and the best place to learn the Na'vi language from the AVATAR films. Join us for multiple weekly Na'vi language lessons, AVATAR news and trivia, community events like OmatiCon and Na'vigation, and more!

Explore the Frontiers in Frontiers of Pandora

Ubisoft Massive's highly-anticipated open world AVATAR RPG Frontiers of Pandora is here, and it's everything we hoped it would be!

With so much of Pandora to explore, our Frontiers of Pandora Discord is a hub for fans looking for help with quests, crafting, exploration or co-op! Our Frontiers of Pandora Discord community is also a great place to share your creativity, whether you're a master photographer or dedicated streamer! As upcoming expansions to Frontiers of Pandora are announced and released, expect breaking news and energizing discussion here first.

We also have a companion Discord Bot that allows you to search for item information, crafting material locations, hidden cosmetics and more, all native to Discord! You can add the bot to your server using the link on the right.