Learn about Na'vi Adjectives


If you're sensing a trend by now, you're on the right track!

Adjectives in English are limited to both position and order, coming before the noun they modify and in a predetermined order. Adjectives in Na'vi, like Na'vi nouns, are flexible- able to come before or after the word they modify. We do this via the adjective attributor -a-. This particle is added to the side of the adjective closest to the noun it is modifying.

Let's take the sentence "the blue fish swims" as an example. In Na'vi, our adjective blue can come before or after the noun it modifies, fish. Observe:

eana payoang slelepayoang aean slele

So long as our adjective, ean is placed next to the noun payoang, with the attribution particle facing in the correct direction, the adjective/noun pair can be flexibly placed.