Na'vi Word Prefixes


Prefixes are morphemes that can be attached to the beginning of a word to change its structure and meaning. Some prefixes can be productively added to words to create new meanings, while others require approval by Paul Frommer to create new words. Productive prefixes will be marked with pro., while unproductive affixes will be unmarked.

In addition, some prefixes cause lenition, and will be marked with +.

PrefixPurposeProduced WordExample
Adjective Attribution (pro.)Adjectivetrr amip
Unspecified Plural for Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounayewll
Demonstrative Plural for Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounfaysute
Demonstrative for Nouns (pro.)Noun'u
'Type of' Noun (pro.)Nounfnepamrel
Every Noun (pro.)Nounfrapo
All of These Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounfrayseng
Not one Noun (pro.)Nounkaw'it
Unable to Verb (pro.)Adjectivetsaw ketsukinan lu
Adjective PrefixAdjectiveletam
Two Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounmenga
Pair of Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounmunsnahawnven
Adverb Prefix (pro. on adj.)Adverblun
Which Nouns? (pro.)Nounpaynumeyu
What Noun? (pro.)Nounpefya
Three Nouns (pro.)Plural Nounpxefuk
Instance of a NounNounomum
Group of Nouns (pro. w/ fauna)Collective Nounsnayerik
Noun Deriving PrefixAbstract Nounpawm
That Noun (pro.)Nountsalì'u
Demonstrative Plural for Nouns (pro.)Plural Nountsayeylan
Able to Verb (pro.)Adjectivetsaw tsuktslam lu