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Na'vi Name Generator

How to Use This Tool

This easy to use Na'vi name generator is the best one available online, and follows all of the necessary rules to create a valid Avatar name for roleplay, social media or more.

To get generate authentic Na'vi names, simply click the "generate" button on the leftat the bottom! If you would like to customize the Na'vi name generation, you can scroll down to configure things like preferred letters, syllable counts, or even word inspirations.

Preferred Letters

Click + buttons to indicate preferred letters for your Na'vi name, or - to remove a letter from your Na'vi name generator.

Word Inspiration

Type Na'vi words below as inspiration for your Na'vi name, which will automatically weight the letters based on your input.

Bonus Settings

Minimum Syllables

Suggested max 2-3

Maximum Syllables

Suggested max 3-4

Number to Generate

v.1.1 - Aug 9 2020, originally created by Pamìrìk. Modified with permission for use by Kelutral.org
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