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Na'vi translators don't work.

There are currently no Na'vi translators capable of correctly translating Na'vi to English, or English to Na'vi. Any other Na'vi translator you find online is only capable of producing gibberish that any seasoned Na'vi speaker can immediately recognize as being generated by one of these tools.

The Na'vi language is a fully functional language, with its own grammar rules and structures. Quality digital translators like Google Translate or DeepL rely on decades of written material to train their translation algorithms, and the Na'vi language does not have a sufficient amount of reference material to successfully create a working translator (yet!). For now, the only method to translate Na'vi is the old fashioned way: through study and hard work.

This might seem like bad news, but don't fret. If you're interested in learning Na'vi yourself, visit our community page for links to our learning community and upcoming Na'vi language classes and events.