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No 'Avatar 3' News Expected for Disney's D23 Expo

If you follow 'Avatar' news on social media, you might have seen a rumor circulating about the confirmation of an 'Avatar 3' title reveal and teaser being shown at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim this August. Unfortunately, this rumor appears to be nothing but wishful speculation. Kelutral has independently confirmed that the chances of any information about 'Avatar 3' debuting at the popular fan-event this year are a virtual impossibility.

This isn't exactly a surprise, as the eagerly-anticipated return to James Cameron's world of Pandora is not scheduled to premiere in theaters until December 19th, 2025- more than a year out from 2024's D23 Expo. In 2022, the first traces of 'Avatar: The Way of Water' promotion occurred at CinemaCon Las Vegas in April. Attendees were treated to several clips from the film showcasing its vastly improved visuals and hints at the mysterious story. There was a showcase at D23 that August, however the film was scheduled to enter theaters less than 4 months after the expo at that point.

If we follow these trends again for 2025 (something Disney is known to do), fans can reasonably expect to see the first traces of promotion for 'Avatar 3 in April of 2025- potentially reprising its appearance at CinemaCon.

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