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Na'vi Reef Dialect Details Revealed by Paul Frommer

Brand new details about the new reef Na'vi language dialect were provided today via, Professor Paul Frommer's Na'vi language blog. This update comes after a previous allusion to the appearance of a brand new dialect in Avatar: The Way of Water in a previous blog post. Frommer has promised to provide even more details during the new year, however the two new details he revealed are as follows:

In reef Na'vi, the sy consonant cluster is pronounced "sh" (syaw > shaw).

Additionally, the reef peoples have a synonym for omum that is more frequently utilized where the forest peoples would use omum: syawm (pronounced "shawm" in the Na'vi reef dialect.)

Both of these examples can be heard during your next viewing of The Way of Water. The new word and the dialectal shift both occur during Quaritch's hunt for Jake Sully after he flees the Omatikaya people. Listen closely to the dialogue during Jennifer Stafford's brief appearance as the Ta'unui tsah├Čk, where she says ayoe ke shawm in response to Quaritch's interrogations.

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