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Avatar: Reckoning Cancelled Amid Studio Shakeup

Less than two months ago, we reported that mobile MMO title Avatar: Reckoning had secured a 2024 release date from studio Archosaur Games. Now, a new update comes in the form of a recently released a shareholder update that marks a sharp pivot from the previous news.

In their January 23rd shareholder update, Archosaur Games announced that plans to launch Avatar: Reckoning have been “terminated”, among a “strategic adjustment of the Company’s products and operations.”

With this announcement Avatar: Reckoning becomes the latest Avatar game in a long line of mobile titles to fall short of release, the most recent being Pandora Rising- a base building mobile strategy game which was cancelled in April of 2022. The cancellation of Avatar: Reckoning comes amid restructuring from a separation between publisher Level Infinite and studio Archosaur Games, which occurred early last year.

With Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora officially in players hands and selling well in global markets, mobile enthusiasts will have to hope for future Avatar game titles to be announced for handheld devices.

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