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A Summary of the 'Avatar' News from Disney's D23

The 20th Century Studios presentation just wrapped in Anaheim California at Disney's D23 Expo and with it came several new tidbits of information about the upcoming sequels.

Six scenes, totaling 13 minutes of exclusive footage from Avatar: The Way of Water were shown to attendees in Dolby 3D. The first scene was described as a showcase of the beauty of Pandora, with Na'vi swimming in the water and Na'vi children playing with alien fish.

The second scene is the one pictured above, featuring discussion between the Sully kids as to who Kiri's father was. Kiri herself refers to Dr. Grace Augustine as "ma", complicating some fan theories about Kiri's origins and purpose in the sequels. Also of note, Spider says "sometimes it's not great to know who your father is." Recent theories that Spider may be Stephen Lang's Colonel Miles Quaritch's son have been gaining traction. Could this be further proof?

The third scene pulls back the curtain on some of the tension in the film, with a group of RDA "recoms" in the forests of Pandora at night. The recoms are holding a group of Na'vi children (and one human, which makes it safe to assume these are the Sully kids) hostage. Fighting erupts as Neytiri and a group of Na'vi hunters ambush the recoms to save the kids. A tense showdown between Quaritch and Neytiri has her threatening to kill Quaritch as many times as necessary to ensure her family's safety.

The next scene zeroes in on the conversation between Jake and Neytiri from the teaser, with Neytiri urging Jake to flee the continued danger of Quaritch and his men. All of the Sully children have been rescued with one exception- Spider. Piecing together the clues we have so far, this is strong evidence to support that Spider is going to (at least temporarily) side with the RDA, perhaps in exchange for his own recom Na'vi body.

The final scenes give a glimpse of the Metkayina tribe on the coast. Kate Winslet's character Ronal instructs the Sully kids on the "Tulkun way", part of their culture. After this discussion, the Sully kids are shown learning to ride Ilu, with their instructor explaining that "if you want to live here, you have to ride!"

No formal trailer was shown, so it remains to be seen if the next trailer will be released online between now and September 23rd, or if it (and these exclusive scenes) will be somehow attached to the Avatar remaster that is returning to theaters later this month. Regardless, we're able to glean some additional details about the plot of The Way of Water that have left us more than curious about what Cameron has in store for us in December!

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