Na'vi Language and AVATAR News

AVATAR 2 Title, Teaser and more!

The hype train has begun to roll and by December it will be an unstoppable force. Major AVATAR 2 news was revealed out of CinemaCon in Las Vegas today. During their panel, Disney finally screened the first teaser footage from AVATAR 2, now officially titled "AVATAR: The Way of Water" and announced that it will exclusively premier alongside Dr. Strange 2 as previously reported. The full trailer will then premier online a week later.

However, Disney still has more up their sleeve than expected. The more surprising announcement may very well be the return of the original "AVATAR" to theaters on September 23rd. Not only is the first film coming back to the big screen, but it's been remastered visually to match the quality of the sequel films. With 13 years between the release of "AVATAR" and "AVATAR: The Way of Water", theatergoers who were not able to see the first film in large format will for the first time be able to experience the cinematic event that was "AVATAR" in 2009.

With 233 days remaining until "AVATAR: The Way of Water"'s December 16th premier date, you still have plenty of time to learn the Na'vi language before the sequel! Join us on Discord and prepare for a return to Pandora this December.

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