Meet the People behind Kelutral


Community Manager

Mako is an American Computer Science major living in the eastern US. He has been studying the Na'vi language for 12 years. Mako's primary responsibilities within Kelutral are maintaining and improving Kelutral's outward facing resources and relationships. This is accomplished by coordinating a diverse team of creatives to assist with other projects, or by getting his hands dirty himself. When he's not working on something for Kelutral, Mako enjoys discussing film with friends or spending time outside with his family and dog.


UX Director

Pamìrìk is a game developer, composer, and teacher who first joined the Na'vi community in 2017. He works to ensure that Kelutral and its resources are easy to find and navigate, and that those interested in the Na'vi language can easily locate what they need to continue their learning journey. He also applies principles from game design to make the community engaging and fun to be part of, and a place people can call their online home. Outside of Na'vi, "Pam" likes playing guitar and dissecting video games old and new.



Also known as "Txawey Nye, the Science Guy" or "The Token Ginger", Txawey is a Ph.D. student in Astrophysics and all around science nerd. He has been a fan of Avatar ever since theaters, yet started learning Na'vi in 2018 after visiting Pandora: The World of Avatar at Walt Disney World. His role in is Head Moderator: recruiting and training new moderators for the Discord servers and offering support and advice on moderative matters. In his free time, he plays video games, practices guitar, and engages in whatever other hobby has his attention this week.



Alìmtsi, or as he is known to the Mandalorians, An'u Biss, is a career IT professional and lifelong geek. "Alìm" joined the Na'vi language community in January of 2010, shortly after the release of Avatar. His role with is to manage and ensure availability of the finances that drive operations. Apart from Avatar, Alìm is a huge Star Wars fan as well, and you can often find him wearing beskar'gam while trooping for the Mando Mercs Costume Club.


Reddit Administrator

Payì’i is a Crop Science major from Pennsylvania in the US. Her primary responsibility with Kelutral is running the r/avatar subreddit and connecting with the community there. She is new to learning Na’vi, but has been a fan of Avatar since the first film’s release. Outside of Kelutral, she takes a scientific interest in plants, much like Dr. Grace Augustine. One of her goals in life is to have her own homestead.


Social Media Manager

Steve is an Analytical Chemist by trade and nerd in everything from science to popular culture. Steve has been an Avatar fan since 2009, and joined the fandom in late 2022. Outside of monitoring the health of the community, Steve is also assists Alìmtsi with finances and helps keep up Kelutral's social media presence. Outside of the community, you can easily find him playing a video game, catching up on a good book, or going out on a hike.



Tekre joined the Na'vi learning community 2018 and has since then studied and later taught the language as much as possible. After being active in the community for a while, they switched their major from computer science to linguistics due to the impact the Na'vi language had on their life, and are currently still busy finishing their degree. Their role in is supporting Txawey as a head moderator and organizing the teaching that happens in the server. Outside of the community, they are a language nerd and super addicted to video games of all kinds.