Na'vi Language Bootcamp

Like Summer School, but for Learning Na'vi

Have you been interested in how to learn Na'vi but unsure of where to start? Do you have ample free time during the summer months? Then join us for Na'vigation, our annual summer Na'vi language bootcamp!

Na'vigation is an intensive program designed to engage Na'vi learners of all skill levels. Whether you're capable of speaking in full sentences or just learning your alphabet, Na'vigation has classes and courses of study that will meet you where you are.

For an entire weekend there will be lessons, practice sessions and games that give you a headstart for your Na'vi learning journey. Things offered will include:

  • Tips and tricks on how to learn languages in general, and how to apply them to Na'vi
  • Pronunciation lessons and opportunities to practice what you learned
  • Speaking sessions for all levels, teaching either helpful phrases if you are a beginner, or training your ability to speak freely if you are already advanced
  • Grammar lessons for both beginners and more advanced learners
  • Games that help you to practice the language in a fun way

This year's Na'vigation will take place on August 2–4, 2024. Click here to quickly pre-register for the event!

Siva ko!